About Us

November 15, 2009

Lois and Don Bailey have been dedicated to Mexican numismatic and historical research for a collective total of seventy-eight years, operating as “Lois and Don Bailey Numismatic Services”.

Don is from the Midwest and while serving in the Marine Corps at Yuma, Arizona he was introduced to Mexican numismatics by the late Hal Birt Jr. of Tucson, Arizona. His first article on Mexico was published in 1967 concerning the coinage of Emperor Maximilian.

Over the years he has written several articles that focused on the complex Maximilian Era from both sides of the French intervention. He also wrote other articles on Mexican history in relation to numismatic subjects, and he also wrote about other areas, such as “The Early Tokens of Yuma County, Arizona”. The most notable article was his front-page feature article in Coin World in the 1980s on Mark Hoffman, the Mormon forger and murderer, detailing his methods of forgery and how they were discovered.

Over the years Bailey’s articles have appeared in several numismatic publications and he has received literary awards both in Mexico and the United States.. He has for the past several years served as the “Mexican Trends Analyst” for Coin World, which lists and prices all coinage of Mexico from 1905 to date. For several years he authored the World Coin News Column, “Mexican Numismatic Potpourri”, which in that period the readers were taken on a trip through the numismatic history of Mexico.

Bailey has been a contributor to all of Krause Publication reference books from the first Standard Catalog of Mexican Coins through the Token books, and the Standard Catalog of World Coins. He also contributed to all three of the Frank Grove Medals of Mexico, and the Guide Book of Mexican Coins, by Buttrey and Hubbard.

In 1967, he started the Maximilian Numismatic and Historical Society, which prospered for several years, until the waning interest of specialty organizations. Bailey was appointed to the United States Annual Assay Commission, by then President Richard M. Nixon in 1974. He has been honored with several local, regional and international awards, such as the "Numismatic Ambassador" award in 1980, The Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico's "Jose Tamborrel Jr" award in 1985, and the "Alberto Francisco Pradeau" award in 1993. In 2002 he was again awarded the "Jose Tamborrel Jr" award as well as the "President's Award.

In November 2001 Bailey was awarded in Mexico City the highest award that the Mexican Government can bestow on a non–citizen, the Insignia Class of the Mexican Order of the Aztec Eagle. Awarded for the first time for numismatic activities, the award was for his efforts over the past 40 years for promoting Mexican numismatics.

He has been a member of the American Numismatic Association since 1962, (LM 1055); Lois also is a Life Member (LM 5251).

Most recently Bailey was instrumental in the formation of the ANA Museum exhibit, “Viva La Revolucion” The Money of the Mexican Revolution. He coordinated the outstanding material contained in the exhibit, worked on the historical information, and assisted in the setup. This exhibit was in the Museum for ten months. At the conclusion of the exhibit a catalog of the exhibit was prepared with Don co-authoring it with Joe Flores. Published by the ANA, and received awards from the Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico and the Numismatic Literary Guild.

Bailey also assisted with putting together the traveling exhibit that has made appears in Omaha, Nebraska, Port Isabel, Texas and the Nevada State Museum, with appearances scheduled for El Paso Texas and San Angelo, Texas.

The Bailey’s most recent work was the release in 2008 of the "State & Federal Copper and Brass Coinage of Mexico, 1824 – 1872". This is the first publication in thirty years that covers this period of Mexican numismatics with updated prices, listings and extensive historical content.

In 1997, Don, along with Joe Flores and Sal Falcone organized the U.S. Mexican Numismatic Association, which publishes the quarterly “Mexican Numismatic Journal” and maintains a membership of over 300 members. Don has served as the Executive Director and the journal Editor.

The Bailey’s have been active since 1961 in the Mexican numismatic field as a collector and then a full time dealer, attending major coin shows around the country, and in Mexico. The Bailey’s are currently distributors in this country for the Banco de Mexico.

Lois R. Bailey, Don’s wife of over thirty years, has worked on all of his projects, and is a vital part of all of the above activities as well as her involvement in the day to day operations of the business.

Bailey was awarded a Krause Publication “Numismatic Ambassador” Award in 1980, ANA Presidential award in May 1998, by then ANA President Anthony Swiatek. In 2003 the ANA awarded Bailey the Glenn Smedley Award. In 2005, the Baileys were awarded the ANA’s Medal of Merit. The awards presented by the Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico were; “Jose Tamborrel” award, 1985 and again in 2002. “Alberto Francisco Pradeau” award. 1993, and again in 2002, the Sociedad Numismatica de Mexico “Presidential Award” in 2002.

Their interest over the years has expanded to include anything historical of Mexico, such as medals, decorations, historical documents and books from a private collector. A few years ago the Bailey’s acquired an extensive collection of historical documents and books from a private collector. which included the personal collection of Carlos Perez-Maldonado. Perez-Maldonado was a Monterrey historian who dedicated his life in writing ten books during the 1930’s and 1950’s on the region and collecting documents relating to Nuevo Leon, especially the Maximilian era. He authored two numismatic books; “Condecoraciones Mexicanas Y Su Historia”, 1942 and “Medallas De Mexico”, 1945.

In 2010, our son Pat Stovall, joined with us to expand our current business. He has taken special responsibility for our modern Mexican coin selections, which includes the Libertad, Pre-Columbian, and other current issued series.